Giant's Chalice....coming together!

Hi everyone,

While this is the first devlog addressing Giant's Chalice, the game has been in development since July 2017. It's come a long way! Giant's Chalice is now nearly complete so expect a spring 2018 release. Development on this action rpg began when I started playing with a shader that dsoft20 made for Unity which adopts the graphical style of the PlayStation. I was struck by the impression this shader gave that nothing could really sit still and I fell in love!  At this time I'd long harbored a desire to make a "swords & sorcery" kind of fantasy game. So these ideas came together with inspiration from games like Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda where I found myself especially captivated by the exploration of a fantasy world... and Giant's Chalice was born. Ideas from old tech demos where the background music was a part of the environment were reused and improved upon with the simple notion that each piece of equipment in Giant's Chalice would emit a unique sound. I wanted to add value to the player's exploration of the realm and swapping of equipment beyond the assumptions we've built playing rpgs for the past X years. I had a desire to paint with large fields of flat color sometimes and so the little tricks with sound effects were another way to engage the player, a kind of trade-off with the visual world which I knew would lack detail by virtue of the way I wanted it to look.

While the majority of the game is complete, a few things remain in the development process. Here's what you can expect to see me working on in the weeks leading up to Giant's Chalice's release:

  • Hiding all the weapons in the right places around the world. So far 47 are hidden in chests (or dropped by boss enemies) but I may add 2 or 3 more weapons and move a few chests around. Some spots I just made to hold a chest but haven't put one there yet, some spots where the equips are currently hidden just feel anticlimactic and I don't want to shortchange the player on the satisfaction of finding something new.
  • Polishing enemy animations and stats. Those of you who have played the demos (here & here) may have found the enemies somewhat slow and not very threatening. Training wheels. The final game will challenge you a bit more. I'm tightening up and revising everyone's animations; sometimes to give less warning of when they'll strike, sometimes to make them snappier or to reach farther, sometimes just seeking a more natural gesture.
  • Final world-building touches. This includes adding some detail to models that weren't quite lively enough, tweaking terrain, revising weapon descriptions (look for lore here!), tweaking background music and things like that. I noticed today, for example, that there are no flowers in the world, which seems like a huge oversight especially considering that text in the game describes one or two species of flower.

And of course as comes with the territory, I find bugs here and there that I have to iron out. If you're playing the demos and notice a bug (or even just have a suggestion) contact A.V. Knights on Twitter @AVKnights_dev and hey thanks for the help! One of my goals with Giant's Chalice is to leave open a few different ways to play and let each of you pick your own way to enjoy the game. Camera angles, UI details, etc. Thanks everybody for reading and following the development of this game! Hope it'll prove a fun breath of fresh air when you can finally sit down to play. Stay tuned!

-- Nathan

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