Available Now: Big Refinements & Polish Patch to Giant's Chalice (v2.0)

Several years after its initial release, Giant's Chalice is back with a massive quality-of-life patch! The updates arriving to Giant's Chalice in version 2.0 include some of the most requested features and very large bug fixes. The game is now complete in a way that the frenzy to reach v1.0 at release prevented it from being. To those who have played some of Giant's Chalice before--come on back and enjoy the game in the way it was meant to be played! To new players--there's never been a better time to hack and slash your way through the weird magical realms of Giant's Chalice.

If you installed Giant's Chalice via the itch.io app, your game will be patched up to v2.0 automatically! If you installed Giant's Chalice manually, you will need to redownload the game files to enjoy v2.0.

Here are some of the biggest updates featured in the latest patch:

  • Walls & Boundaries. Invisible walls have been added to each area that's not enclosed by rocks, walls, etc. Previously, you could run right off just about every area's edges and fall to your death.
  • Jumping Controls. Jump power has been thoroughly refined. You can also move in the air now, allowing for more traditional platforming. You can now correct your aim in the air as expected.
  • Weapon Loading Bug. Fixed a bug that prevented all weapons from loading. This was truly a game-breaking bug that didn't literally stop the game from running; it just deprived the came of one of its very central tenets. Humbly, I have fixed it.
  • Gold Fountain Clarity. UI for fountains has been clarified from a simple number to a "NEED 45G" label and contextual display of your current amount of gold.
  • Enemy Refinements. Enemy name display added while fighting. Re-balanced certain enemies in terms of strength. Made design tweaks to others.
  • UI. Design refinements, especially buttons. Altar screen background animation.
  • NPCs. Raise threshold for some NPCs to change their dialogue.
  • Gold Animation. The particle effects animation that signifies the collection of a piece of gold has been refined to work as originally intended. Now a particle appears for every piece of gold collected.
  • PlayStation Resolution. The screen resolution is now locked to 256 x 224 pixels. The UI canvasses are also scaled to 256 x 224.
  • Journal Scrolls. Collectible journal entry scrolls now appear in various places across the world, adding story and lore tidbits to the game.
  • Camera Zoom. Camera Zoom (FOV) now persists between scenes and even between sessions via saving & loading.
  • Magic Attacks. Staff-type weapons spend MP to produce ranged magic attacks. Their balance has been tweaked to make magic build more stable and viable.
  • Equip Menu. The Equip screen has been rebuilt from scratch to fix a stack overflow bug and streamline UI.
  • Save & Quit. Use the button in the Pause menu to Save the game and Quit back to the Start Screen.
  • Increase Max Sharp.Made sharp mechanic on weapons more useful by increasing max sharp values on many weapons.
  • Smooth Camera. Camera movement has been tweaked to appear smoother.

Thank you for playing and hanging out. --Nathan


giants-chalice-windows.zip 133 MB
Version 7 Dec 11, 2021
giants-chalice-mac.zip 133 MB
Version 7 Dec 11, 2021
giants-chalice-linux.zip 134 MB
Version 7 Dec 11, 2021

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