Early development

In Piss, Inc., you are the boss. You have control over your factory workers' bladders.

Development on the game began with the clock. The work day is 7 am to 4 pm, 5 days a week. Your workers will show up (mostly) on time and stand at their machines until 12 noon -- when they get their 1 hour break. You can click on a worker to open a display of their bladder's fullness, and a button to fill it faster. These displays were added quite early in development, but several days later, I added a clipboard to this display, which shows personal details about the selected worker: their name, marital status, number of children, and, when applicable, special details about them (i.e. gambling addiction, a sick mother or father). The role of the factory boss (the player) is to toy with their worker drones while they toil away making money for the boss at their machines. If a worker's bladder is too full and they don't make it to break time at 12, they will piss right on the factory floor. This would give the boss cause to fire them, but it's the player's choice. At the end of the work day, the workers' wages are deducted from the factory's total funds, meaning that less money could be lost by letting a few workers go. Of course, workers must operate the factory's machines in order to make money in the first place.

The approach to Piss, inc.'s development is to set up this core structure quickly and release the game. It's a small game to enjoy every now and then. Other features could be patched into the game making it more complex, such as different break times for different jobs at the factory, an increase in bladder capacity and stamina for returning workers, events and holidays.

Still to come before v1.0: dressing up the 8 machines on the factory floor, as well as a possible shift in how the factory's total funds arrive; currently they are racked up immediately as the workers run the machines, but I'm considering having a check delivered in the mail each day with the previous day's profits inside.

Thanks! Keep an eye out for the release of this game!

-- Nathan

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