Labor Day -- v1.1

Happy Labor Day! In honor of this excellent Monday to have off work, I updated Piss, inc. to v1.1, bringing in the full functionality of the base game and a couple nice features for seasoning. While the core gameplay including most of the menus and the soundtrack were already in place, the game is now available to download for Win/Mac/Linux, so I have added saving/loading to enable continuation of an ongoing save file. I've also added animations to the machines on the factory floor, set to run only while workers are running the machines. The downloadable versions of Piss, inc. will enable you to play the game in a higher resolution than the HTML5 player allows in-browser. Also to come: an Android version that will be available soon on the Google Play store.

Like many sims, Piss, inc. has a lot of room to grow feature-wise. The base game is in place but maybe I'll come back to this project in the future to build it out a bit more. I'd wanted to have the previous day's profits delivered via check every morning, and another idea I've considered is allowing individual workers to develop day-to-day. For example, their stamina could increase after each work day, allowing them to hold their piss a bit longer, and maybe even make it to 12 PM. Today, just pour yourself a mimosa and enjoy Piss, inc. in its boiled down form; the essentials.

Thanks for playing!
-- Nathan


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Sep 02, 2019 51 MB
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Version 1 Sep 02, 2019

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