Hello! S.Pet is brewing!

Hi everybody....

I've been working on S.Pet (maybe not the final name) for about a week now and I'm feeling really good about the project. I won't slave over this one too long. Gonna keep it short and sweet. Read more about the flavor of the game on the main page if you'd like.

DEVLOG 8 FEB. 2018

  • Development on S.Pet began!
  • Drew up a branching family tree describing which species can grow into which other species. This family tree shows about 30 pets and I think that sounds like a good number to work with. I'm also playing with the idea of each Pet taking on a final form that won't die from neglect.
  • Wrote the core gameplay code. The pet has a few stats, a stage of life, it digests, it poops, likes to play cards....
  • Drew and animated 10 pets so far.

It's going well! This is a fun one with some friendly nostalgia.


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