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S. Pet is an homage to the virtual pet toys of the 1990s -- Tamagotchi, Digimon, Giga Pet, the Pokemon v. pets, and the rest. Adopt a new buddy! This is a fun treat from A.V. Knights. 🍰

S. Pet's native habitat is Android.

Check it out on Google Play and take your pet on the road with you! Just click on this button right here.
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You can play with S. Pet on your PC too! Download the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions here on Itch.

Lead programmer and designer: Nathan Pasko.

If you've played and enjoyed S. Pet a great way to support us and to check out what we're working on is to Follow A.V. Knights on Itch, Twitter!

🎼🎢 SOUNDTRACK available for download here!


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Instruction Booklet 2 MB
S. Pet (MAC v1) 37 MB
S. Pet (WINDOWS v1) 32 MB
S. Pet (LINUX v1) 38 MB

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