S.Pet buckles up.... ๐Ÿš€

Ahhh... the end is in sight!

Get ready to adopt a new virtual pet... S. Pet is ready for release! Almost.

S. Pet will be available for free download as of May 20th, 2018. I spent the past couple weeks slowing the game down to its actual speed (I tested it at 24x its actual speed) and finally getting a feel for the end result. There were a few bugs that appeared in this process, and surely a few will remain to be found later.

DEVLOG 18 MAY 2018

  • More bugs squarshed.... Problems with illness coming on too strong and a quirk with the Brush button made it impossible to cure.
  • Fine-tuning. Tweaked the way that illness is cured. Finalizing the length of each stage of a pet's life cycle (Baby/Child/Teen/Adult).
  • Instuction Booklet completed. Will be available for download; a short pdf explaining basic pet care.
  • Preparing Google/Itch listings. This is the tedious part.

If you have an Android device, this game is made for you! Get ready to download in a few days. Windows/Mac/Linux versions will be available here on Itch as well if you would like to make S. Pet a part of  your life. 

-- Nathan

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