this Pet is working nicely :)

About two weeks into development on this nostalgic digital pet project.... None of the core mechanics have changed much, but I have been testing the pet and adjusting certain things, like when the pet should be disciplined or not. A well-disciplined pet (8/8) won't poop on the floor and it won't beg for food when it isn't hungry.

DEVLOG 16 FEB. 2018

  • Continued development of core mechanics like the pet's metabolism and the game's ability to catch up on time that it missed. There are still some bugs! Whoa!
  • All the baby, child, and teen sprites are drawn and in the game so there is a branching tree of about 16 forms to "explore" so far. The adults will be the most numerous of course since the tree branches at each successive stage of life. 
  • Continued composing optional background music. This can be turned on & off in the corner of the screen and will feature several smiley tracks for times when you want to hang out and chill with your pet.

What a fun project to work on  :D   Wishlist functionality---change color palettes like the gameboy could. Would love to add this


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