Palette switching arrives

This week I discovered a few bugs and decided that the time and date mechanics in this digital pet game need fixing. This project will be a large part of this late stage of development, where I'm plugging holes wherever I find them. The good news: Palette swapping is now a reality! It was fun to implement and adds a lot of personality (The LED greens will still be available). What's the name of this virtual pet gonna be? S.Pet just feels like a missed opportunity for expression. Soon I'll decide and finish the title screen.

DEVLOG 23 FEB. 2018

  • Laid the groundwork for palette-swapping a la the GameBoy Color. Expect maybe 8 or 10 different color schemes to choose from and swap between.
  • Revising Date/Time mechanics to patch up a few leaks.
  • Still drawing pets! Not many left to do now. Just wrapping it up with the adult forms.

Hey I'm not thrilled about this time/date setback but everything else is going smoothly so I think this Pet is going to be triumphant. And soon! Thanks for reading.
-- Nathan

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